ISSUE 1: June 2020

IMF Programs and Economic Performance in the DRC: Background, Impact, and Prospects.  Matata Ponyo Mapon et Jean-Paul K. Tsasa

Fiscal Sustainability and Macroeconomic Stability in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Alexandre Nshue M. Mokime et José Sele Yalaghuli

Assessing the impact of tax administration reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa: An empirical investigation.  Nikolina Krsic et Marina Mavungu Ngoma

Implementation of the nile basin decision support system for sustainable water management in the congo basin.  Médard Ntombi Muen et Rombaut Serge Pangu Sanghy

Bukanga Lonzo Agro-Industrial Park: Separating speculation from reality.  John M. Ulimwengu

Number 2 : December 2020

Leadership and Institutional Reforms. Matata Ponyo Mapon et Jean-Paul K. Tsasa

Domestic government debt securities market in DRC : stocktaking and
prospects. Christian Senga, Jean-Baptiste Ntagoma et Ishara Musimwa

Cyclical behavior of business cycles in African Great Lakes region. François Kabuya Kalala, Jean-Baptiste Ntagoma et Jean-Paul K. Tsasa

The Eco. A Political or Economic Resolution? Matata Ponyo Mapon

Democratic decentralization and development. Roger B. Myerson

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