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The Congo Challenge Review (RCC) welcomes the submission of manuscripts in all areas of economics. To ensure rapid processing of your manuscript, please follow the instructions in the RCC editorial guidelines.

Submission of a draft article to the RCC assumes that it is original, unpublished content and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere. Any draft article must be submitted to the following email address:

After submitting the manuscript, authors will receive an email from the editors assigning them a number. A portion of the manuscripts is returned directly to the corresponding author after a brief review by the editor.

Authors are strongly encouraged to implement the RCC manuscript style requirements as soon as they receive a review request. After an “accept with minor revisions” decision letter, the RCC writing style should be applied.

Decision categories

RCC policy is to minimize the time an author has to obtain a final decision on their manuscript, with emphasis on rejection time and publication time. The duration is very rarely more than three months. The RCC editor classifies its decisions on manuscripts into 4 categories:

1. The paper is accepted (without revision).

2. The paper is accepted (with minor revisions).

3. Paper is not acceptable, may be resubmitted after thorough revision (full re-evaluation will be carried out).

4. The paper should be rejected straight away.

When after initial review, the submitted manuscript is unlikely to be published in the RCC, the editor may decide to reject the paper without consulting the referees.

Publication of an acceptable manuscript subject to major revision is expected but not guaranteed, provided that the authors revise them to the satisfaction of the publisher, as soon as possible. Authors should format the manuscript according to the RCC editorial requirements for the next step.

A manuscript that is accepted for publication, without revision, may however be subject to small modifications, often editorial and stylistic.

Upon acceptance of an article, the author(s) will be asked to transfer the copyright of the article to the publisher.

Submission of a revised manuscript

Following the RCC philosophy, the first review is critical, in that generally second round submissions are either rejected or accepted. In the revised version of their new submission, authors should include a “Response to Referee’s Comments” letter that highlights the main elements of the revised manuscript and highlight, where applicable, major changes not requested by the editor and the referee during the previous round. The cover letter is also the appropriate venue for authors to express concerns about the nature of the referee’s report.