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Submitting your manuscript

The Congo Challenge Review (CCR) welcomes the submission of manuscripts in all areas of economics. To ensure the prompt processing of your manuscript, please follow these guidelines when submitting a new manuscript:

Submission of a paper will be held to imply that it contains original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere. They must be submitted to:

E-mail 1 :

E-mail 2 :

Decision categories

The CCR’s policy is to minimize the length of time that an author faces to get an ultimate decision on his/her manuscript, so focusing on time to rejection and time to publication. The length of time is very rarely above three months. The editor classifies its decisions on manuscripts into four decision categories:

  1. Accept. The manuscript should be prepared for publication using the guidelines for final preparation of manuscripts
  2. The manuscript is basically acceptable, but there are small revisions that must be made, often editorial and stylistic.
  3. Accept with major revisions – Publication of the manuscript is anticipated but not guaranteed, as long as authors revise the manuscript to the editor’s satisfaction in a timely manner.
  4. Reject.

Upon acceptance of an article, author(s) will be asked to transfer copyright of the article to the publisher.

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